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• Disconnect all AC power during installation.

After turning power back on and after about 10 - 20 seconds, the Aqualink RS LED on the Hayward®/GoldLine chlorinator will light.

The communication cable between the Aqualink® RS and the Hayward®/GoldLine chlorinator is run in the low voltage section of the Jandy box.  DO NOT run it in the high voltage section.

Depending on the version of your Jandy board, you may have 1 four pin connector to attach the communication cable to.  New versions have 2 connectors.  You can connect to either one.

In the Hayward®/GoldLine box, run the communication cable into the box on the right hand side.  You may have to remove one of the knockouts at the bottom.  Get a plastic push-in connector to run the cable through which you can get from your local hardware store.

Make your connections to the Chlorinator Translator so that the unit can be placed inside the Hayward®/GoldLine box just to the right of the circuit board in the box.  You can now replace the face plate on the Hayward®/GoldLine.

Aqualink® RS by Jandy® which is now owned by Fluidra.

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